About Us

Thaisy & Roger

Hello Everybody!

OThanks for stopping by to get to know us better! We are the couple Thaisy and Roger, the cute little faces behind the Trails4Hiking! 🙂

We want to help hikers, travelers and nature lovers find their next destination, get to know more of a region in a smart way and have lots of fun!

If you work 8 hours a day, you feel unmotivated, stuck in schedules and routine, and you want to change, but you do not know how. We know this feeling!


Do you know those troubled people, always looking for something new and never “quiet”? Well, it’s me, Thaisy. I was born in Paraná and even like my state I never wanted to stay there. So, I loved Rio Grande do Sul, where I went to college and started working, but even though I liked the state, I never wanted to stay there. There were opportunities and there I moved to Brazil: Brasilia, Rio de Janeiro, Piauí, Santa Catarina, Sao Paulo … and even though I liked these States, I never wanted to stay there! It seems to be a joke, but this sense of going ahead, knowing new things, discovering a new world has been with me since I was a child, and it was a point that I had to surrender and go (sometimes taking the mother along!).


Delighted with the new world. This may be a short and very objective description of Roger, since he discovered that going from here to here was easier than he had imagined. From there he developed a strange phobia of staying long in the same place. Coupled with the fact that he worked with the Internet at an early age, the choice of nomadic life seemed to him quite natural, almost predestined.

The couple

Idealizing the journey of dreams: that was the life of Roger and Thaisy before they met. And, among the various destinations, one united them. They met in a backpacker through Bolivia, Carnival time, where the two fled the shake.

They discovered that they were backpacks-twins soon after, and after that they did not collapse any more. Between one trip and another they decided to formalize the marriage, and the marriage could not be in a place known: it was in the scenery of Tule Springs Lake in Las Vegas, entitled the section of photos in the Valley of Fire after the ceremony.

Living in Brazil, they have shaped the dream of going out into the world. After much planning, work and dedication, they became digital nomads.

How it all began: Digital Nomads

For you who have known us now, even though we fly our ideas we have our feet on the ground. Impulsive, but always knowing the risks.

It all started in 2013, when we began our planning to become digital nomads. Thaisy worked for a public agribusiness company, while Roger had a web development agency with a physical structure. Thaisy came discouraged with bureaucracy and lack of flexibility in everyday life, and Roger dissatisfied with the performance of the agency. They had an innovative vision of the corporate world, the possibilities that the internet brought and the relationship between employees.

And all the ideas were put into practice, one by one, in about two years. In that period, Roger transformed the physical structure into totally online, and Thaisy joined the agency, bringing the remote work with partners. At last, everything was ready to start the nomadic life!

In 2014 they sold everything they had, paid the financing of ‘conventional’ life and started the biggest trip of their lives!

Today, as digital nomads, we work hard for our Cronomídia customers. Therefore, we have a normal routine of calls during business hours (of course, that flexible compared to a physical company – therefore, we take our short breaks for quick rides).

We have our budget well told and planned, and we want to share with you our experiences, difficulties and the life of being able to work traveling and traveling working!

Traveling as a couple

Our profile is of a very calm couple, who do not like fancy parties, nor shaken in the crowd. We love hiking in nature and exploring little-known places that truly show the everyday life and the choices of the people who live there. Parks are our favorite places in the cities, with lots of green and tranquility. All this, of course, while taking a break from the most famous sights with an urban tour.

Travel has changed our lives and we believe that it generates innumerable possibilities, immeasurable knowledge growth and striking experiences forever!

A little bit of our history has already been told by the Revista Você S.A., Exame.com, Gazeta do Povo, Web Informado, and we are part of the book Nômades Digitais Brasileiros.


After traveling and opening the mindset to various possibilities, we discovered our passion: hiking. Walking on footpaths, trekking along various historic, legendary and sensational paths is really what moves us to the next destination.

With the hiking we discovered that it is possible to spend very little and know a lot! Have amazing experiences and well locals. And the most important: to have contact with nature and the local environment as few.

We believe that to have “incredible adventures” and see beautiful scenery does not have to be a super-athlete, an adrenaline junkie or be rich financially! All we need is a lot of willingness, willingness, planning and the right information! 

We started Trail4Hiking with the hope of inspiring people to leave their comfort zone and realize their potential, because that is what our lifestyle and the hiking has done for us. Looking back, we realized that this is what we always wanted, but we were too busy with the routine to think better about our goals and to find ways to get there.

We are here to show two things in particular:

  1. Every dream is possible to be achieved, with planning, focus and determination.
  2. Every place we visit changes our thoughts and our lives!

So, sit down, get some coffee (or a chimarrão!) and get inspired to travel!